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Literary prizes
The Silk of Time. Bilingual Selected Poems. Ed. and introduced by Valentina Polukhina
The Wild Rose. Translated by Richard McKane
Poems and Elegies. Transl. Slava Yastremsky, Michael Nydan, Catriona Kelly, and others
Freedom to Believe: Philosophical and Cultural Essays. Translated by Slava Yastremski, Michael Nydan
Four volumes. Volume IV. Moralia (2010)
Four volumes. Volume III. Poetica (2010)
Four volumes. Volume II. Translations (2010)
Four volumes. Volume I. Poetry (2010)
In Praise of Poetry. Transl. by Caroline Clark, Ksenia Golubovich & Stephanie Sandler
Old Songs. Translated by Martha M.F. Kelly

From the book Kliazma and Yauza
Surely, Maria, it’s not just the frames creaking...
From the book The Wild Rose
The Wild Rose
Second Legend
Sixth Legend
Seventh Legend. Death of Alexis the Roman Saint
Selva Selvaggia
Now in warm gold, in broad bindings...
Preamble to the Song
Strange Journey
The Flight of the Prodigal Sun
Night Legend. The Nun’s Funeral
Candlemas Day
Names fly out of the magical horn...
Cat, Butterfly, Candle
Water: The Peasant Woman
Eight Octets
In The Mood of Leopardi
I carry two books, as I go I am leaving...
We shall walk slowly and listen attentively...
I often dream of death offering...
Legends about ascetics are similar...
I cannot make them stop their music...
Three Mirrors
Farewell Wind
Somewhere in the corner of a neglected illness...
Journey of the magi
Mountain Lullaby
Morning in The Garden
The Cat’s Look
Azarovka. A Suite of Landscapes
Portrait of the Artist in his Picrure
Tenth Legend. Jacob
Eleventh Legend. Supper
Twelfth Legend. Sergey Radonezhsky
Magic Stone
A Faible
“I raise the radiance, like a fallen hand...
The Old Poet
From the book Tristan and Isolde
The Mill Hums
From the book Old Songs
The Unfaithful Wife
Old Women
A woman’s lot is the spindle...
Adam wept, but he was not forgiven...
The cold of the world...
From the book Gates. Windows. Arches
Not by sea, nor by tree, nor by powerful star...
Mountain Ode
An Old Testament Motif
The Grasshoper and the Cricket
In the Liquor Store
To Lycinius
In the desert of life… What am I saying...
On the Death of Leonid Gubanov
From the book Stanzas in the Manner of Alexander Pope
Second Stanzas. On the Death of a Kitten
Fourth Stanzas. In Memory of Nabokov
From the book Stellae and Inscriptions
A Boy, an Old Man, and a Dog
The Figure of a Woman
Two Figures
Mistress and Servant
Pitcher: Tombstone of a Friend
Playing Child
From the book The Iambic Verses
Fifth Stanzas. De arte poetica
The Elegy That Becomes a Requiem
The Chinese Travelogue
1. I was surprised by...
2. The pond speaks...
3. They don’t fall, though they fall...
4. There, on the hill...
5. Do you know...
6. I shall only see...
7. The boat flies...
8. The roofs are raised at the edges...
9. Unhappy...
10. Great is the artist who knows no debt...
11. With tenderness and depth...
12. Perhaps you are the precious ring of the spirit...
13. Will we really part...
14. Flute answers flute...
15. They say, they have gone on the white road...
16. You know that I love you so much...
17. When we decide to set out...
18. Let us praise our earth...
From An Unfinished Book
A Butterfly, or There Are Two of Them
From the book The Evening Song
All the Works
Trees, Strong Wind
A Song
To V.V. Bibikhin
A Lullaby
A Childhood Visit to a Village
In Memory of Father Alexander Men’
From the book Elegies
Autumn Water’s Elegy
The Sycamore Elegy
The Beginning
In Memory of a Poet
From the book The Beginning of a Book
To His Holiness John Paul II 1.Rain
To His Holiness John Paul II 2.The Nothing
To His Holiness John Paul II 3.Sant Alessio. Roma
A Letter
Portrait of the Artist in a Middle-Age
The Subway. Moscow
The Angel of Rheims
A Journey to Tartu and Back: A Belated Chronicle
The Issue of Man in Modern Secular Culture
"Non-Mortal and Mysterious Feelings": On Pushkinʼs Christianity
"In the Vestal Abyss of a Line of Verse": On Meaning in Poetry and Meaning in Doctrine
Mediocrity as a Social Danger
The Light of Life. Some Remarks On the Russian Orthodox Perception
The Art of translation. Some remarks
The Morality of Art, or the Evils of Mediocrity
Once again about Childhood, Poetry, and Courage. Answers for Elena Stepanian
Hermes. The Invisible Aspect of Classical Literature
A Discourse on Method
Poetry and Anthropology
On the Nature of Tradition
Freedom as Eschatological Reality
Waiting for a Response
Totus Tuus
In Memory of John Paul II
Excerpts from an Interview with Valentina Polukhina (May 1994)
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