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From the book Kliazma and Yauza
From the book The Wild Rose
From the book Tristan and Isolde
From the book Old Songs  
From the book Gates. Windows. Arches
From the book Stanzas in the Manner of Alexander Pope
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The Chinese Travelogue
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From the book Old Songs
The Unfaithful Wife
“From the day when you came home
and stopped looking at me,
everything’s changed in me.

Like that sick dog
that’s been lying there two days dying,
so does my soul ache.

To the sinner the whole world is an intercessor,
but to the innocent it’s only a miracle.
May miracle be my witness.
Show him, O God, the truth,
show him my justification!”

At this the dog, that poor creature,
rapidly shook its head,
merrily ran up to her,
tenderly licked her hand –
and fell dead on the ground.

Good knows about man
what man does not know.

Gerald S. Smith


The Faithless Wife

“Since the day you got back home,
husband, you have not looked at me,
and all in me is changed.

Like that sick dog lying there,
Two days now at point of death,
So my soul withers away.

All the world defends the sinner,
Only a miracle the sinless.
A miracle then be my witness.
Show him, Lord, the truth I utter,
Prove my case, and justify me!”

At that wretched dog, poor thing,
Suddenly shook its head, raced up,
Gave her hand a friendly lick –
And collapsed stock dead.

God knows more of men
Than men know of themselves.

Catriona Kelly
 The Unfaithful Wife
Old Women
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